We provide counselors and related professionals the best possible focused, up-to-date, aesthetically pleasing, and technologically savvy training with the goal of helping each professional achieve their fullest potential, experience academic and career success, and deliver the exceptional results to their clients. 

To this end, we are guided by six foundational principles: research, quality training, practical experience, professional and personal ethics, accessibility, and caring.

While we offer some traditional courses, most of our training seminars merge real-world personal experiences with the latest research-based therapy strategies, increasing counselor empathy and understanding.

Our refund policy is simple: We believe so strongly in our programming that we offer a full refund for any participant who requests a refund prior to testing for Continuing Education credit.

For any complaint, grievance, or other concern (a “Concern”), please email all relevant details to [email protected], setting forth:

  • The specific reason for the Concern 
  • The impact of the Concern, if any, on any individual
  • If applicable, any ethical rule related to the Concern
  • The remedy you believe is appropriate 

Your Concern will be evaluated by an attorney in consultation with members of the counseling profession, and you will receive a response within one week of your email.